A Few Ideas For Your Home Office

home office

Home offices can be a haven for creativity and inspiration, but they can also be frustrating traps. If your home office is cluttered, messy, and dull, chances are it will prevent you from being productive. So what can home office designers do to transform an unsightly mess into a creative workspace?

Where You Should Start

A design filled with piles, cubbies, shelves and tables to organize papers, books and stationery is a great place to start. You want to create as much open space as possible. But clutter does not have isn’t necessarily your home office’s only problem. Mixing and matching pieces of furniture are just as important as having the right furniture in the first place.

Home office design ideas can vary based on your home office layout. Do you have a small home office where you can’t even see the whole room? There are corner units that can solve this problem. Other home offices may have larger spaces and should utilize entire walls in their design.

Essential Items

Consider purchasing an office chair and computer chair for your home office, instead of spending money on separate pieces of furniture. When you have several people in your home working, it can be difficult to squeeze in regular breaks and lunches, without compromising your productivity. Save money by purchasing a standing desk for your home office that will provide you with a comfortable place to work. Standing desks typically include a chair and computer piece that is designed for ease of use.

Larger home office spaces can be solved with corner desks and bookshelves. Corner desks help you create a simple setup that will not interfere with other elements of your home office. Bookcases can also be used as a corner setup. Choose different sized bookcases to match your workspace. Keep in mind the amount of floor space you have available when planning your setup.

home office


Hang curtains and window treatments to block out sunlight during the day. Bright sun rays can cause stress and wear on your decor pieces. Buy blackout blinds or curtains with ultraviolet protection. Window treatments for home office decor can also be purchased in sets, such as office furniture and desk set, so you can buy everything you need. There are many beautiful sets available with decorative accents like printed fabric, tieback and embroidered accents, perfect for adding a touch of elegance.

Create your home office to reflect your personality and style. You’ll feel like you’ve worked in your office all your life when you have a setup like this. Keep in mind the lighting you’ll have in your home office. Bright fluorescent lights may feel like a good idea, while accent lights can add a touch of style.

Don’t worry if your home office space is tiny! As long as you keep in mind that it’s more important to group items than to have things spread out. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to purchase expensive pieces of furniture, such as a desk chair and computer desk chair. Try finding inexpensive items, such as a comfortable desk chair, that you can change into a home office space when you need to. Also, look for to-do items, such as file cabinets, that you can put together to form your home office space.

More Tips

If you can’t afford to purchase home office furniture, you can still find ideas that will work for you. If you have a printer and fax machine, you can save space by putting them on the floor. Many home office ideas are designed around a home office printer and fax machine. Also, you can save space by having your computer stand on a step in the closet so that you don’t have to leave it sitting in your home office space.

No matter what home office ideas you use or devise, you will need to figure out what workspace you want to have. Workplaces can be built on tables, desks, walls, floors, or whatever else you have. When you decide on your workspace, you should picture it in your home office, so that you can keep all of your office materials in one place. Then, everything you need will be right there, ready for you to use when you need them.